Tiny Toes and Tiaras goes Tagless!

Tiny Toes and Tiaras goes Tagless!

Too tight, too loose, too “flappy,” too stiff, too scratchy, wrong fit: For kids with sensory needs, getting dressed can, quite literally, be a pain. When a child's sense of touch is more sensitive, something that may seem like no big deal to others may be a huge, anxiety-provoking deal to your child. The smallest thing, like a tag or a seam can feel unbearable.

Our founder has two children that fit into this category, and know the struggle of even the smallest inkling of something like a tag could set off an array of emotions.   This is why Tiny Toes and Tiaras has decided to go tagless.  We have decided it is best to apply our tags using a heat press method.  This way you have the same great stylish look, feel, logo and branding without the unbearable feeling of a tag for your child with sensory sensitivity. 

Pediatricians have also recommended that clothng without tags and flat seams are better for newborns and their delicate  skin. 

You have asked and we have heard and implemented your requests!  We will never stop growing and being innovative, so that your little one can continue to grow in style! 

Shaye Damus


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